Pheasant Plucker Pheasant PluckerWith the aroma of spicy hops, molasses and cocoa. Hopped with English Boadicea to give rich fruity taste. Perfect match for a good hearty stew. 4.3% A.B.V Style Amber/Red Bitter Taste Notes Nose: Aroma of spicy hops, molasses and cocoa. Palate: Rich and fruity taste. Black Jack Black JackA surprisingly light stout with the aroma of coffee ...

Trapping flavour the old fashioned way

Hunters Brewery is proud to only produce cask conditioned ales. To get the maximum flavours we only use traditional methods. Ale is transferred directly from fermentor to cask without filtering out yeast or using conditioning tanks.

Casks are stored in a temperature controlled environment for at least 1 week per %abv. This is for the ale to continue a secondary fermentation which gives an authentic cask conditioned pint.

Hunter’s beer in the pub will maintain a good head retention due to its aging and conditioning. The pub landlord will enjoy a quality ale with at least 5 days conditioning before the ale starts to go flat.

Hunter’s brewery will keep to tradition and always cask condition and promise to invest in casks to ensure the products keep their consistency and quality.