Devon Maid Devon Maid A light gold specialty ale with the unmistakable aroma of apples and fruit. Another top award winner for Hunter's this was originally made to accompany a hog roast. 5.0% A.B.V Style Lager Taste notes This is a refreshing, sharp and hoppy bitter with a hint of apples. Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming ...

The Rise of Craft Beer

Hunters has now branched out into kegging beer.
The huge increase in micro brewing across America and Europe is starting to influence tastes here in the UK. Whilst British Ale is traditionally served from the cask on a pump Keg beer is dispensed through a chiller and is produced in pressurized containers.

There are growing numbers of drinkers getting really excited about new flavour and styles of Keg beer as new lagers start to challenge those large mass produced brands.

Hunters is in a unique position of having a pressurized bottling plant which has enabled us to also keg beer. Beor is the new lager but look out for your favourite ales making a guest appearance in our ‘crafty’ range.